‘Nooapocalypsis' is a website, where a group of Hellenes who receive Luminous Word through the mind’s thread, record the Knowledge (Gnosis) which they receive freely, so that it is accessible and given freely. (Master Socrates)

The mind (nous) is the thread which connects the human brain with the spirit, the heart with the soul and gives man the attribute of the ‘intelligent being’, which is able to produce and use speech. (rational being).
The Spiritual World names it ‘psycho-spiritual entity in body’, which is of three hypostases (soul, spirit, body) and two dimensions. The two dimensions of the entity are energy: the dimension of the material energy field of the Earth, under which come the body and its ways of expression through the brain and thought, and the dimension of the energy field of the Universe, under which come the soul and the spirit. Through the former, man connects with matter, through the latter with the Divine. The mind (nous) sets the soul and the spirit at a harmonious function in the dimension of the material energy field. (Aristotle)

Man, as a psycho-spiritual entity in body, has the need of God’s revelation, because he has had the Knowledge (Gnosis) of God within him since his Creation. This is proven by the ability of Faith through his soul and Enlightenment through his spirit. By using his mind (nous), his Faith is lightened and his mind’s thread then expands to the Hands of his Creator. (St. John Chrysostom)

Whatever is known to man as creation is called matter. Its automatic evolutionary adaption comes under concrete laws and rules, which constitute noesis. Matter always acts without breaking noesis and this is because it has no need to prove the existence of the Divine, as it itself is its proof. Man, as a spiritually evolving being in a material environment, is the only one who tries to prove the Divine’s existence by using matter. This happens when man is not in harmony with noesis via his mind (nous). (Democritus)

In Ancient times and especially in Ancient Hellas, the spirit was developed and the values of ideas (ennoies) which include spiritual energy, were strengthened via the mind (nous). Through this energy, the existence of the One and Unknown God was conceived and theoretically proven. In order that this theoretical proof remains until it is materially proven, the speech of ‘myth’ was widely used. (Homer)

The above theoretical proof of the Divine’s existence created the suitable noetic energy field of harmonization of man with the noesis of matter. However, the few who could not understand (use their nous) started to slander and destroy this environment, dragging people to nonsense (a-noesia). It was then that the space-time energy was suitable to welcome the incarnation of the Supreme Being (Jesus Christ), who brought back to Earth the purity of the values of ideas (ennoies) and inserted them in the Essence of Love, by taking on His shoulders all the wastes (conditions and limits) that people had deposited on it. This way, Jesus Christ gave people the last opportunity to live inside the Essence of Love. (John the Baptist)

Through the Divine Essence of Love, the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit was strengthened on Earth, so that the spirits of people would be able to be hallowed and led to the Eternal Life. However, as those who could not enter the noesis field slandered and destroyed, so that nobody else could enter it, similarly, those who could not enter Heaven obscured the spirits of people, acting this way against the Divine Light. (Origenis)

The history of mankind has taught us that whenever there was prosperity, decadence followed. This kept on happening because the Evil spirit, who acts for the exception of the rules and values of the Divine that come under the noesis of Creation, using the power of matter inserted the virus of egoism against the values of the ideas and calumniating people abstracted noesis from them. Therefore, instead of setting the values of the ideas as a rule through noesis and Enlightenment, so as to be led to the Divine, and the distortion of the values as an exception, so as not to be led to Evil through nonsense and obscurantism, they did exactly the opposite. From then onwards, the societies of the selfishly thinking people were led to decadence, by converting the exceptions to a rule and the rule to an exception, removing this way every moral value from their society. So, they destroyed not only what they could not understand, but also the matter on which their own existence on Earth depended. Nowadays, mankind is going through this decadence, as well. Revealing noesis with the help of the Spiritual World, there closes an immense circle of creation coming from spirit Enlightenment through the Divine, followed by spirit obscurantism through Evil. ‘Nooapocalypsis’ comes to help so that the exceptions become a rule again. If you also feel that you are the exception to the rule, but you do not know how to bring the values back as a rule, the Spiritual World gives you the Knowledge (Gnosis), in order that you can actually help both yourself and one another. (Master Socrates)


The Spiritual World opened the gate of Noesis so that nonsense disappears from people.

Open the gate of your noesis to reduce nonsense from humanity.


Knowledge (Gnosis) is received through a noetic dimension of communication with the Divine Authority of the Spiritual World, who uses apothegms, definitions and teachings as ways of expressing the truth.

The apothegms we write are the remedies that must exist in the pharmacy of society. (Peter the Apostle)

The definitions we give are the analysis of the ingredients which the remedies consist of. (Master Socrates)

The Teachings of the Spiritual World give the codes that open the gates of Heaven. (Aristotle)

The importance of the Word (Logos) lies in the energy, not in the dialect. (The One 15-1-10)

If the recorders of the Spiritual World’s Word have made any mistakes while writing It down, punish them with the harshest criticism which is forgiveness. (Master Socrates)