An apothegm is the well hidden truth which is discovered by man when he comes out of the environment of lie and is acceptable to everyone when it is verified by their efsyneideto.


Parents are those who give life (the 'being'), teachers teach the 'well being' and Spiritual Teachers lead to the 'eternal being'.

The Iliad is the 'being', the Odyssey is the 'well being' so as to be led to your Ithaca, 'eternal being. (Homer 1-2-2010)

The importance of the Word (Logos) lies in the energy, not in the dialect. (The One 15-1-2010)

  1. Aesthesia is a message (eidesis), synaesthesia is syneidesis, anaesthesia is asyneideto and evaesthesia is efsyneideto. (Master Socrates 22-1-2010)
  2. When senses are silent, intuition becomes ‘wordy’. (St. John Chrysostom 18-1-2010)
  3. Whatever cannot be visualized is conceived only with nous. (Aristotle 13-2-2010)
  4. The equilibrium of synaesthema and logic maximizes noesis. (Homer 14-3-2008)
  5. The perception of man is realized through geometry, numbers and sound. (Orpheus)
  6. Syneidesis is the hostess of the psyche and nous the host of the pnevma. (Master Socrates 7-1-2010)
  7. Through thought man interferes in matter, while through nous he goes beyond it. (Master Socrates 7-1-2010)
  8. The pnevma is the tool which, when in matter, materializes noesis with energy of the psyche, thus to be able to   transcend matter. (Master Socrates 7-1-2010)
  9. The heritage of the psyche is the ideas and the values. Heirs of them are all psyches. (Master Socrates 22-1-2010)
  10. When love is quantitative it is synaesthema. The prefix ‘syn’ in synaesthema is the virus that contaminates the aesthema. (Master Socrates 18-12-2007)
  11. When Agapi is without conditions and limits, it does not hurt, the synaesthema is aesthema and the logic is white. (Mother of God)
  12. When you put a price on Agapi it becomes eros. (Mahatma Gandhi 3-3-2008)
  13. Marriage does not kill eros. Marriage turns it into Agapi. (Master Socrates 24-3-2008)
  14. Agapi is to cry over the person you love and water them with your tears to blossom. (Master Socrates 26-12-2007)
  15. Agapi includes all ideas and all ideas together constitute Agapi. (Aristotle 2-2-2010)
  16. Agapi must be abundant just like Light. (St. Vassileios 8-12-2009)
  17. Additives on bare truth are like rugs on a beautiful body. (Master Socrates 5-1-2010)
  18. When I say something but do not make it real, I lie. When I make something real, but do not say it, I act by the truth. (Master Socrates 20-12-2009)
  19. By dismissing fear I acquire Gnosis and accept the truth. (Aristotle 1-8-2008)


(The numbering of the apothegms is based on the greek section of the site.)