'The definition of the words leads to the comprehension of Logos and the communication of people.'(Aristotle)

Definition is the notification of the not known energy of Logos in the material environment.The decoding of the energy of Logos. The purity of the Light of the idea. The epagoge of the analysis and comparison of the idea. (Master Socrates)

Agapi Love) unconditional and unlimited unbuilt essence, which contains all the ideas and values.
Aesthema the balanced flow of information in the blood plasma, which facilitates the function of the heart.
Aether Divine energy of Light inside the air which needs the Divine Logos in order to create.
Anaesthesia the egoism of synaesthema.
Apothegm the well hidden truth which is discovered by man when he comes out of the environment of lie and is acceptable to everyone when it is verified by their efsyneideto.
Asyneideto (unconscious) energy space of syneideto which suffers the human fears and sins.
Being the time of residence of the psyche and the spirit in the space of the body.
Beneficial anything that functions towards everyone's common benefit.
Blandness the somatic energy field that leads to noesis. The absolute energy balance of the entity. The non-influence by material stimuli.
Blessing the intervention of the Divine Logos in matter. The element that converts thought to noesis.
Creation the synthesis of matter via Logos.
Definition the notification of the not known energy of Logos in the material environment. The decoding of the energy of Logos. The purity of the Light of the idea. The epagoge of the analysis and comparison of the idea.
Efsyneideto (conscientious) the laws and rules which govern the Creation and everything in it.
Ego the identity of the entity since its Creation. The noetic expression of the human energy.
Egoism the expression of the material human hypostasis.
Enlightenment the spirit connection via nous with the diffuse energy of the Divine Light upon Earth, which restores Evil to its primal luminous situation, that is Good.
Eros (in love) the devotion of the positive spiritual energy on something, for material creation .
Eternal Being the balance between the pnevma and the psyche.
Evaesthesia (sensitivity) the expression of aesthema and its identification with the efsyneideto.
Evil anything that causes energy instability with the removal of Light.
Evil spirit the diabolic energy through which the entity removes Light from Good.
Faith the noetic field in which the spiritual Gnosis of the entity is developed, in order that it is united with the Divine.
Fear the lack of knowledge
Forgiveness the transfer of oneself or another person's sin from the asyneideto to the syneideto via the efsyneideto
Free Will the use of the Gnosis of the spirit to handle the psycho-spiritual entity in body towards the fulfillment of its lifework upon Earth.
Gnosis (Knowledge) the enlightenment of a piece of information we carry within us.
Good everything that brings about energy stability.
Guardian Angel the messenger of the efsyneideto of the entity
Hyposyneideto of Psyche the bibliotheca of every information since the Creation of the psyche. Nous is its reader.
Ideas encoded Logos within Light. It is anything that is not connected to matter.
Intuition the space-time variable that exists in the psyche and is carried to the brain via nous.
Irresponsibility the environment of the imperfect or unhealthy knowledge.
Lie the dark spot of the truth.
Life the perpetual time and space flow of codes.
Light the element created by Logos, which includes all numbers. The binding element of molecule connection that creates matter.
Logic (black) the synaesthema of the brain.
Logic (white) noesis.
Logos (Word) the energy of synthesis of matter for Creation.
Man (human) the constantly arising noetically and spiritually psycho-spiritual entity in body.
Matter the code of connection and synthesis of everything, which is known only to the Creator
Noesis the automatised evolutionary state of adapting.
Nous the essence of the spirit which is of light material texture and holds the Gnosis of the codification and decoding of matter and the connection of the psycho-spiritual entity with the body. 
Passion the influence of man caused by the material stimuli.
Patience the way to endure yourself and get into 'know thyself' 
Peace the inner serenity of man.
Pnevma (Spirit) the essence which, inside Light, is identified with the energy of the ideas, revealing the essence of AGAPI in the dimensions of space-time.
Psyche (Soul) the Divine Breath that includes the flow of the codes of Creation, is expressed with Logos, activated with Light and acts through Light.
Responsibility the recognition and completion of the circle of a task that is assigned to an entity.
Savant the man whose Gnosis is verified by everyone's psyche
Sin the moral or physical damage of man.
Sophist the man whose knowledge is verified by the source he has created
Stress the inflow of negative information in the human brain. The hypothesis of thought.
Synaesthema the disturbance of the information flow inside the fluid of the body that raises its pressure and is expressed with the malfunction of the heart
Syneidesis the noetic recognition of the newly entrant information into man that coincide and accentuate knowledge as memory from the hyposyneideto. The rule of judgment of knowledge.
Syneideto the information which is added to the entity through actions drawing up preexistent knowledge
Synesthesia the complete sense of the aesthesia, the connection of aesthesia with aesthema
Theonio the element that gives the Gnosis of aether to every human molecule. 
Thought part of the brain function, which connects logic, synaesthema and the stimuli which result from these two with the brain.
Truth the information within Light. The verification of Gnosis.
Value the quality of the energy of the ideas.
Water (Hydor) the flowing Logos on Earth
Well Being the balance between the body and the spirit.
Wisdom the Gnosis of the Enlightenment of Nous that comes from the Spirit and leads to the evolution of the entity via the energy of the Psyche.
Wrong the result of an action made after thinking.