An apothegm is the well hidden truth which is discovered by man when he comes out of the environment of lie and is acceptable to everyone when it is verified by their efsyneideto.


Parents are those who give life (the 'being'), teachers teach the 'well being' and Spiritual Teachers lead to the 'eternal being'.

The Iliad is the 'being', the Odyssey is the 'well being' so as to be led to your Ithaca, 'eternal being. (Homer 1-2-2010)

The importance of the Word (Logos) lies in the energy, not in the dialect. (The One 15-1-2010)

  1. The society which condemns Good to death signs its own death penalty.(Master Socrates 22-1-2010)
  2. Whatever dies unfairly upon Earth lives eternally.(Master Socrates 29-6-2010)
  3. A man’s goal in life becomes a way of life as well. (Mahatma Gandhi 15-1-2010)
  4. Man is happy first with his inner self and then with other people. (The One 15-1-2010)
  5. If you do not know how to love, never accept the love of those who need you and do not give your love to those you need. Because then you will have to take what you gave and vice versa. (conditions&limits) (Master Socrates 5-2-2010)
  6. Man’s major passion is that he does not recognize his mistakes. That is why he stones everybody. (Luke the Evangelist 21-8-2009)
  7. To accept a mistake out of necessity is neither acceptance, nor forgiveness of the mistake. (Master Socrates 13-4-2010)
  8. Another person’s desires must not become your own.(St. John Chrysostom 6-1-2008)
  9. Man lives a life full of stress in order to stop getting stressed. (Master Socrates 5-2-2010)
  10.  -
  11.  Man sells off himself when he does not know his value. (Aristotle 28-12-2008)
  12.  As price cannot beat value upon Earth, it finds the way to kill it so as to honor it after death. (Yakinthos the Myst 24-5-2010)
  13. Eyes generate the major synaesthemata and the worst thoughts. (Mikros 3-4-2008)
  14. The similarities and differences of people lie in the decoding of their senses. (Aristotle 6-2-2010)
  15.  The proselytism of thought leads to the asthenia (disease) of fixed thinking. (Paul the Apostle 11-3-2008)
  16.  Whoever tried to find noesis through thought became nonsensical (anoetos) (Paul the Apostle 9-1-2010)
  17.  By thinking logically I act and suffer, by using nous I learn how to act. (Master Socrates 19-3-2010)
  18.  As a child does not drown in its mother’s womb, nor does man in his pure thoughts. (Aristotle)
  19.  When thinking does not solve problems, stop it. (Aristotle 6-2-2010)
  20.  Stop feeding Evil and let it starve. (St. Nektarios)  
  21.  I control my thought and awake my spirit. If someone else controls my thought, they direct my spirit as well. (A.P., the Spirit of Truth 8-6-2009)
  22.  Through Logos we create, through noesis we acquire the Gnosis of creation, through logic we copy. (Master Socrates 19-3-2010)
  23.  Synaesthemata are like threads. If someone catches their edge, they pull you wherever they want. (Aristotle 1-8-2008)
  24. The heart should not be donated but lent with no interest.  (St. John Chrysostom 2006)
  25. The man must consider the woman equal, but not superior. If he has her as an inspiration, then he becomes a savant. (Master Socrates 24-3-2008)
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  27.  When you tell the truth to a man he ponders. When you tell the truth to a woman she cries. (Master Socrates 2006)
  28.  Know the appearance of egoism to discover your Ego. (Master Socrates 7-2-2010)
  29.  Egoism hides ambiguity and little learning and introduces them as knowledge. (Aristotle 31-1-2009)
  30.  The harshest way to criticize somebody else is to forgive them. (A.P., the Spirit of Truth 8-6-2009)
  31.  Egoism tells us what we are (appearance), but does not tell us who we are (be). That is why it causes existential problems. (Yakinthos the Myst 16-1-2010)
  32.  He who fights the Devil before he beats himself is always a loser. (Yakinthos the Myst 10-2-2010)
  33.  Evil directs and shapes the appearance. The Guardian Angel leads towards being. (Master Socrates 7-2-2010)
  34.  Man drifted by his deceptive senses heads closer and closer to Evil. (The One 15-1-2010)
  35.  As much there is no evil upon Earth, as much again the Evil spirit does not exist. (Master Socrates 7-2-2010)
  36.  He who managed to know himself learnt all people. (A.P., the Spirit of Truth 8-6-2009)
  37.  Knowing the whole of a thing we draw the right epagoge, knowing the part of a whole we draw the egoistic epagoge. (A.P., the Spirit of Truth9-8-2008)
  38.  If knowledge, as we know it, created, then parrots would be able to create as well. (Master Socrates)
  39.  Gnosis is not given by answering a question, but with the noesis of the answer of the question. (Hippocrates 12-1-2010)
  40.  When you do not face something, you do not get to know it. (Aristotle 31-7-2008)
  41.  He who thinks he knows other people’s good, is a Judah. (Aristotle 21-11-2009)
  42.  Gnosis is not in the part of a thing. It is in the whole. And only when you know the whole of it you are a savant. (Master Socrates 4-1-2010)
  43.  No tool is to blame for evil. Those to bear the responsibility are the use and the user of the tool. (Hippocrates 12-1-2010)
  44.  The apothegm of a man’s life is written during the last act of his play. (Athena 18-1-2010)
  45.  Every creation bears the signature of its creator. If someone buys the creation, it doesn’t mean that they own it. (Master Socrates 8-1-2010)
  46.  Life is a theatre and you have to be a trouper, not just a spectator, as the spectator pays, while he who participates in the troupe gets paid. (Aeschylus 28-12-2009)
  47.  The end of every thing upon Earth is relevant to the beginning. Whatever ends, begins again by being transmuted. (Pythagoras 7-2-2010)
  48.  He who reaches the end of something discovers that there is always a beginning. As he who dies, discovers Life. (Master Socrates 16-6-2009)
  49.  Man comes into being to live on water, lighten his pnevma via lucid water (holy water) and be led through the psyche, which contains the Light, to Eternal Being. (John the Baptist 9-2-2010)
  50. Blessing gives water the energy state of motion, even if it seems to be still. (John the Baptist 9-2-2010)
  51. He who avoids responsibility does not avoid mistakes, because avoiding responsibility is also a mistake. The irresponsible man is not unmistakable, because irresponsibility is a mistake as well. (Photilatos 9-7-2008)
  52. Let us put simple things into practice, in order to conceive the complicated ones. (John the Evangelist)
  53. There are things that are said but not done and these are promises. There are also things that are done but must not be said and these are good deeds. (Master Socrates 20-12-2009)


(The numbering of the apothegms is based on the greek section of the site.)